How Jesus Transforms Our Story

What's It About?

Your past wields an incredible influence over your present. Your upbringing, your experiences, your choices (good and bad) all ripple into the present. For many, those ripples are more like tsunamis and you feel like you’re drowning in a current you can’t control. In Recreated, I trace the hand of God’s work through some of the formative times of my life. These include adoption, being bullied, learning to forgive, relearning faith, and how Jesus can take a person’s past and recreate it from the ruins of defeat into a transformed new life with new meaning and purpose.

Why Did I Write It?

The longer I minister, the more I have realized that everyone has a story, and each story is unique.  Many of us feel like we're crumbling under the weight of the shame and guilt that we carry.  What we don't realize is that if we belong to Jesus, our stories can be transformed from things that weight us down into weapons that God can use to push back the darkness in the lives of others.  The Gospel is the message of Good News, and our testimonies are the demonstration of the Gospel's power.  They are meant to be shared together.  I wrote this to help others find the power of the Gospel in their stories, like I have in mine.

Why Read It?

If you are like me, you spent many years wrestling with shame and guilt over mistakes and regrets from the past.  Guilt and shame have no place in the life of a Christian.  They are weapons used against us meant to prevent us from reaching the potential that Jesus has given us.  If that's you, this book may help you find purpose in the pain you've experienced. God never wastes a hurt, but sometimes it takes hearing another person's journey for you to begin making sense of your own.  My hope is that as you read these excerpts from my life that God will show you how to begin understanding your own story and see his glory in the midst.

"Shane, courageously and incisively, lays open his own complicated life story for examples of how God uses everything that happens in our lives—the pleasant and unpleasant, but especially the unpleasant—to mold us more perfectly into the image of His Son Jesus Christ. Each chapter, complete with scripture illustrations, is a lesson in itself, but the entire book fits together as an overall lesson in finding God’s perspective and choosing to walk in His ways. This is a valuable, practical and inspiring book about Christian living."

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