Embracing Kingdom Life
in Yahweh's House

What's It About?

The heart of this book is all about embracing what it means to be a member of Yahweh's house. It's about what we must lose to live as sons and daughters of the Living God. Too many Christians are too bound to this world to be good ambassadors of Jesus. That’s not me being critical or judgy against others. That’s an indictment on my own faith journey. And so it is for many of us. As we march forward, inching ever closer to the return of Christ, the days are going to get darker. More now than ever, the Body of Christ desperately needs to display the power of God. We spin our wheels asking God to show his might, but we deny him the opportunities to do it when we keep one foot in Pharaoh's house and one foot in Yahweh's house.

Why Did I Write It?

My heart has been heavy with the content of this book for a while now.  I’m a worship pastor, so I don’t get many consecutive opportunities to preach.  That’s one reason I write books because it gives me an outlet for expressing what the Lord is doing in my heart.  But this book is different for me.  As much as Recreated and Renewed were birthed out of my own personal experiences, this one comes from a different place. The Lord has taken me on a very personal journey as I’ve put words on paper for this book. I can’t explain it to you. Without fail, it's as if every thought that I've written down has gone through testing. Because of that, this book has been a labor of passion, unlike the others. You can be assured of this: if it made it into this book, it has been tested by fire.

Why Read It?

All believers are dual-citizens. We live in this world, but belong to another. But because one kingdom is visible and the other not so much, we give our hearts to the seen kingdom easier than we do the unseen. Our citizenship is in God's kingdom FIRST, and that should change the way we live. That should change the way we exercise earthly freedoms. That should change the way we form and keep relationships with other people. Every facet of life here on earth should be changed by our citizenship in heaven.  This book will help you see the far-reaching impact of living like a citizen of God's kingdom in a world that would rather remain in its darkness.

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