Embracing Your Home in
Yahweh's House

Coming Fall of 2019!

The heart of this book is all about embracing what it means to be a member of Yahweh's house. It's about what we must lose to live as sons and daughters of the Living God. Too many Christians are too bound to this world to be good ambassadors of Jesus. That’s not me being critical or judgy against others. That’s an indictment on my own faith journey. And so it is for many of us.

As we march forward, inching ever closer to the return of Christ, the days are going to get darker. More now than ever, the Body of Christ desperately needs to display the power of God. We spin our wheels asking God to show his might, but we deny him the opportunities to do it when we keep one foot in Pharaoh's house and one foot in Yahweh's house.

Moses lived that way up until he was forty years old, and what I hope to demonstrate to you is how the comforts of Pharaoh’s house was an anchor that prevented Moses from moving forward to fulfill his destiny as a deliverer for God’s people. I also hope to show you that we aren’t any different.

What will it take for you to pack up your things in Pharaoh’s house and cast your everything into the kingdom of God? Yahweh’s house is our home. Let’s take an honest look into why we keep dwelling in Pharaoh’s house where we don’t belong.

Some Excerpts

Chapter One: Pharaoh's House

"When we refuse to attempt feeling what others feel, we will remain stubbornly entrenched in our points of view, intractable and hard-hearted. Why? Because it will cost us too much. I recently heard Dr. Paul Tripp say this in a message. "How much of your anger toward the people around you in the last few weeks had anything to do with the kingdom of God? Be honest. You're not typically angry because people are breaking the laws of God's kingdom. You're angry because they're breaking the laws of your kingdom. They're in the way of what you want, of what you plant, of what you think is comfortable, of what you think you need... you, you, you, you.” Moses had much to lose. He literally had a kingdom to lose. He risked it to do the right thing. And he lost it." Page 29

Chapter Two: The Enemy of Unity

"When you resist the Word, when you stiff- arm the Holy Spirit in favor of preserving what you feel is right and just, or what’s best for you and your circumstance, you have become an idolater and there will be no internal unity between you and the Holy Spirit until you surrender your worship of your opinions." Page 55

"If you're fighting against the Holy Spirit’s transforming work, your inner life will lack unity, circumstances will toss you about, and that lack of unity will spill over into every relationship in your life." Page 57

Chapter Three: The Devil's in the Details

"Know your enemy. There’s something to be said for the Devil. I think in our efforts to maximize our spiritual journey with Christ, we tend to minimize the Devil. We think too little of him. We speak disparagingly of him. We share silly social media memes that claim reading your Bible gives the Devil a headache. But the truth is that he’s a beautiful, powerful, divine creature, created by God to serve a specific purpose among the other sons of God." Page 71

"He’s in the details. He’s making subtle moves, whispering quiet thoughts into our minds. He's tempting us to hold on to offenses. He's tempting us to wait for our brother or sister to apologize first. He's affirming our prejudices. In every way that's not obvious to us, he's at work." Pages 99-100

Chapter Four: Jesus Trumps

"Talk about the schemes of the devil?  This one is the most widespread and most unacknowledged scheme that I can see in at work in the Church.  Tempt the sense of privilege and entitlement a little bit to tip the believer toward a worldly response, and let that spark burn down the whole house.  And the tragic thing is unless you have enough self-awareness to see your privilege, you’ll blame someone else for the damage instead of taking responsibility for your own role." Pages 126-127

Chapter Five: Seeds of Reconciliation

"We are reconcilers!  We've been given the ministry of reconciliation, and yet the Church is more known among the people for making (or finding) enemies than making peace.  Pastor Judah Smith preached at the 2018 Gateway Conference that we are far more involved in finding enemies than we are at ministering healing to the broken.  That's an indictment on how seriously we're taking the ministry of reconciliation.  And it gives a glimpse into the private lives of individual believers.  If we're not practicing reconciliation in private and in the community, then to maintain unity we'll unite around a common enemy instead of unifying around the cross." Pages 159-160

Chapter Six: Loving Through

"The root of humanity's sin is found in fear.  And when we face trials, we are tempted by fear to check out, to withhold, or to attack.  It's a fear of more hurt, of more loss.  It’s a fear that if we don’t get the advantage and attack now, we’ll lose control.  Since we love control, fear works on us, because if we can control what happens to us, then we think we'll have peace.  So, fear cripples us from loving through because loving through always includes letting go of control, and if you think controlling your life is what will bring you peace, then you’ll never love through difficulty." Page 189

Chapter Seven: Yahweh's House

"When Yahweh moves in next door we will finally have every tear wiped away, pain will be a thing of the past, death will be undone and destroyed, and everything that made life and this world broken will be removed.  And that is just the beginning of what life in God's kingdom will be like!  Revelation 21 and 22 paint a lavish visual of what it will look like, but the everyday life experience of it has already been revealed to us in the teachings of Jesus and the Apostles.  How will we live?  Simple: read the Sermon on the Mount, read the Kingdom Parables, read how the Apostles instruct us in kingdom living.  Observe how Jesus has loved us.  That is how we will live every day in Yahweh’s house."  Pages 226-227