Bottom Shelf Bible Studies

This is only an idea...

Dream with me for a minute. I've been thinking about starting a series of Bible studies. This would be a long-term project, slowly dropping a study at a time. Here's where my head is right now...
Bottom Shelf Bible Studies (BSBS) are studies that make an effort to teach the full message of God’s Word in a clear and understandable way. That’s a tall order and for sure these studies can’t possibly cover every less traveled path or chase down every stray rabbit. So what these studies will do is two-fold.
First, each study will strive to remain faithful to the core ideas and concepts that are present in the text. We desperately need Bible study to remain connected to the foundation of the apostles and prophets with Christ as the cornerstone (Ephesians 2:20). This leads us to the next fold.
Second, we will do our best to strip away theological systems that are foreign to the 1st Century reader. While theological systems aren’t all bad, they can lead us to understand the Bible in ways that Paul, Peter, James, and John wouldn’t recognize. This will be hard work, but it will be rewarding.
Will we do this perfectly? No. Therefore, recognizing that up front let’s agree to journey through these studies together with grace. We will be firm on things that are absolute, and gracious with things that are difficult.

Where to begin...

If this is the direction I head, it'll probably start with a study through 1 John.  I did a casual search through the RightNow Media library the other day and for a place that touts 20,000+ Bible studies, there were surprisingly few on 1 John.  And I really like 1 John, so unless God leads me a different direction, that would be the first one we do.

But only if this is where the Lord leads me next.  It's still just an idea, so join me in praying through what is the next step.
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