Welcome to the New ShaneShack

Where it all started.
Welcome to the grand reopening of Shaneshack.com!  Traditionally this website has been a blog where I've written hundreds of blog posts over the years, but a while back I began sensing the Lord moving me in a different direction.  The blog needed to begin taking a backseat, but to what I had no idea for a long time.

As I've dived in to the world of writing, designing, and editing books, the direction began to get clearer. ShaneShack needed to become a place for the writing, designing, and editing of Christian content that matters. That means opening the door to other authors, other producers of content who want to make an impact for God's kingdom.

So what you have before you today is a vision that I've prayed over, thought through, and have stepped out into by faith.  My dream is that ShaneShack will become a home to more voices, more creators, and ultimately find a niché in the already crowded world of Christian publishing. But I'm going to leave those dreams in God's hands and just take things one day at a time, asking for the moon and being grateful for everything I receive on the journey.

Spread the word. If you know any one who's trying to get their projects together, but needs some help, definitely drop my name and point them to shaneshack.com.  I'd love to find out what we can create together.
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