If you’ve been a reader of my blog or my books, or a listener to the podcast, I hope you have gathered that I enjoy writing.  Writing has become one of those outlets that God has graced me with, which I didn’t see coming. I mean, I learned in college that I could spit out pretty good academic papers. I could’ve have sold them if I had been less scrupulous, and honestly, less jealous about my work being credited only to my name. But there’s a huge difference in writing academically and writing things that aren’t just smart, but also pleasurable and gripping to read.  I still have many of my college papers (in case I lose some of my scruples) and when I read them now, I can actually feel the difference in how I write today and how I wrote back then.

But I didn’t see it coming.  My twenty year-old self would’ve never predicted that my forty-year old self would actually write a book.  My twenty-year old self couldn’t have foreseen that my thirty-three year old self would become a heavy duty journal keeper and blogger. Writing kind of snuck up on me. The Lord has slowly unfolded this part of my journey.

But even though I love it so, writing is also a very painful process.  I don’t know how this works for other people who enjoy writing, but for me it’s a very personal journey.  For example, at this moment in life, the Lord has brought me into another season of writing. What that has looked like for me in the past is my heart and mind will coalesce around series of ideas that may or may not be tightly connected, and I just start writing.  Where the pain comes in is that without fail, whatever I’m writing about somehow becomes an object lesson in my life.  Those lessons come in different forms, but no matter what they always bring me face to face with some issue in my own character that I’ve been sheltering from the blade of the Holy Spirit’s sword.  So as I write, often there’s some kind of experience happening in the background that helping me form my thoughts. And as I continue writing, sometimes it translates into a blog post, or a podcast episode, and other times it becomes part of a larger work, like an eventual book. So many times, if you read or listen to something I’ve produced, it has emerged from a painful process.

And despite the pain, I love that process.  You know why?  Because in the end, the only thing I want my writing to do is help people.  If you know me personally, hopefully you know that I’m not after a platform. I don’t produce things to gain a following. In fact, if that’s my goal, I’m horrible at it and I should just call the whole thing off. My heart behind everything I write is to help.  The podcast is meant to help. Honestly, if I can’t help people see Jesus more clearly with this gift, then what’s it for? I’m not a fiction writer, I’m horrible at self-promotion, I don’t have a large enough platform to attract any big publishers; I mean, the only reason I write anything is two-fold: so the people I do touch can be helped along their journey, and so I leave a legacy of writings for my children and grandchildren, hence helping them as well.

I’m not in this for money or fame. I’m in this writing game because it’s a gift that I want to use for God’s kingdom. If I ever move away from that motivation, you should stop reading my stuff immediately. There’s a growing library of blog posts here, at the moment there are fifty-six podcast episodes, and currently two books that I’ve written in my store. They’re all works of love for Jesus that I hope will encourage and exhort you on your journey. Enjoy.