I’m excited to announce to you a new addition to shaneshack.com: The Recreated Podcast!

The Recreated Podcast exists to help people in their journey with Jesus Christ as they encounter challenges, difficult parts of God’s Word, and to know how to bring the Gospel to bear on everyday issues.  This podcast was born out of several conversations I’ve had with friends over the last year or two who have encouraged me to pursue this.  My desire is to help you, the listener, have a better understanding of the Gospel and how it affects everyday living, and also to try explaining some of the more difficult concepts from God’s Word in a way that is understandable.

A mainstay of this podcast will be listener questions and suggestions. Please follow the podcast on Twitter (@recreated4life), like Recreated on Facebook (@recreated4life) and submit your questions and suggestions via private messages.  I will either answer them directly or include them in a future episode for a broader discussion.

You can subscribe to the podcast using the links below.  Thanks for subscribing! I hope you enjoy the podcast!

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