You may consider this my retirement from political commentary. No one has shamed me into this. No one has made me feel unequal to the task. I definitely have political opinions and I think they’re good ones, but I will no longer be blogging about them. Let me explain myself, and then I’ll bid you good night.

I’ve never, ever, ever been witness to a political blog post or a Facebook discussion where someone’s mind was actually budged, even a little. If it has happened, no one bothered to report back to me of its occurrence.  My most recent foray into the political realm birthed a fruitless, lengthy debate on Facebook that did nothing but ignite the ire of some of my friends against each other. But it’s not only that post. I’ve taken time over the past couple of days to skim the social universe for political posts, and it’s the same story on repeat. Fruitless discussion, and many times, angry diatribes.

That’s not what I want to foster with my writing. Writing about Jesus has enough opportunities for stirring the pot. My desire as a writer is to help people plainly see why Jesus is better.  And even though I enjoy writing political pieces on occasion, they don’t seem to produce any good fruit. Perhaps my political ideas are just too different for my peers. I don’t know. Regardless of how winsome I am in my approach or how thorough I am in my research, the end result is seldom what I had hoped for.

Plus, I have to face an additional reality.  I don’t want to alienate myself from the people in my community where I minister through unsolicited political opinions. As a minister, obviously I’m allowed to have political opinions, but it is a matter of wisdom for me to decide when and where the best times and places are to share them.  I’m not afraid to say what I think, but I am weary of losing opportunities with people to share the Gospel through ill-timed political ranting.

My focus will be on who I love most: Jesus.  I realize that there are times when faith and politics intersect, and when they do, I won’t shy away.  I will remain faithful to show you how the Gospel should inform our politics when the issues arise.  But the days of political posts for the sake of just offering you a political opinion are over.

Here’s my suggestion. If you really want to know what I think about something political, just ask me. Don’t email, don’t FB, don’t even text, but instead call me, or even better, have lunch with me and I’ll try to answer your question. Potentially volatile subjects are always handled better in face to face rather than behind a keyboard.

I hope you all rest easy tonight. I really am praying for our President. But better than that, I know that God accomplishes his purposes regardless of who sits in the Oval Office. May God’s will for the United States be done through the President, and more importantly through all of his Church in every state, every city, every town, every home where his people reside.