Inauguration day, January 20, will be here in a couple of days.  There’s a few thoughts I have going through my head that I want to share with you here as a matter of public record.  I’ve not been shy about my dislike of Donald Trump as President.  I’m not here to rehash everything that I’ve already said.  A Trump presidency is upon us and I’m choosing to remain optimistic.  So let’s get on with it and see how he does.  Here’s my thoughts.

Trump must stop using Twitter.  Forget about it not being presidential.  It’s a huge security risk.  It’s worse that Hillary Clinton’s private email server.  If it were to be hacked, the ramifications of what gets said on the POTUS Twitter account can be global.  Mr. President-Elect, as much as your political foes try to paint you as a Neanderthal, you’re a smart guy.  Get off Twitter, make the world a safer place.

Trump must do better on race relations.  We have higher racial tensions today in 2017 than I’ve seen in my entire life.  Your demeanor has done little to give hope for any kind of racial reconciliation during the next four years.  I’m not saying that it all depends on you.  I am saying that attitudes frequently descend from leadership. If you appear to be indifferent, the people who support you may adopt the same indifference.  Mr. President-Elect, work on your compassion.  You may be a nice guy off camera (and I’ve read some things which support that) but who you are on camera is who the nation believes you are at all times.

Trump needs to learn diplomacy.  Cutting business deals with other foreign businessmen and foreign governments is not the same as making appeals to despots to cease violence in their war-torn nations. As populist as the idea of a wall may be with conservatives, telling Mexico they’re going to pay for it is asinine. If the United States wants a wall, then we need to suck it up, pay more taxes, and build it ourselves. I question the effectiveness of a wall, but if that’s what we’re going to do, then stop bullying other governments for their lunch money and fork it out yourself.  Mr. President-Elect, the President of the United States is not an office for a bully.  If you want Mexico to pay for the wall, incentivize them and make it worth their effort, or build it yourself.

Finally, Trump should get a reality check. You’ve been critical of President Obama for the volume of executive orders he issued. But let’s face it: many of the things you want to accomplish will probably require executive orders to become a reality. Congress may be Republican led, but the margin in the Senate is too narrow to move anything of substance through quickly. If you want to be a great President, work with Congress, don’t order things by fiat. Make the system work the way the Constitution has mandated.  Mr. President-Elect, you’d be a great president simply by restoring the power and prominence of our Constitution in the Executive Branch.

I’ve never claimed to be a prophet. I might be all out of whack on some things. But on January 20, Donald Trump will become Commander-in-Chief of the most influential nation on the face of the Earth, and I fear that if he doesn’t do at least these things, the next four years will be tumultuous and full of uncertainty, both at home, and abroad. I remain cautiously optimistic that he still may surprise me, and many of us who have had serious doubts. It’s two days until Friday. Hopefully the Doomsday clock won’t tick ahead to two seconds till midnight.