I voted this morning around 7:00 AM. As I stood in the booth, I said a few prayers.  I was prepared inasmuch as I had studied the candidates and made myself familiar with the proposed amendments.  In the last few elections, I’ve usually walked in with a made up mind.  In this election, for most of the candidates on the ballot, it was the same.  But this year the Presidential column just felt heavy. I filled it out very last.

If you know me, you know that I’ve made no secrets about my struggle this year over the Presidential election. I’m not here to rehash my feelings and convictions. I’m here to tell you how surprised I was in the moments after I turned in my ballot. The Lord filled me with a sense of peace.  The anxiety, which I’ve heard so many vocalize this morning, has completely left the building for me.  Here’s how the Lord has filled my heart.

It’s been said a million times by a million voices, but the reality is that God is in complete control of this election.  Whether it’s rigged or not, whether my vote actually makes any difference or not, I can rest in the ultimate truth that whomever wins, he or she will be the President that God has planned for.  And I can live with the same boldness, with just as much faith, and without any fear because if God establishes our leaders then his good plan for his Church is also entangled with the President he has chosen.

It’s entirely possible that regardless of whether Trump or Clinton is elected that our momentum toward our destiny as a nation has already reached critical mass and cannot be reversed.  I’m not trying to be a defeatist or intentionally gloomy by saying that, but rather that instead of thinking either of these guys can actually make a difference, I’m choosing to make a difference myself in my spheres of influence. I will adapt. I will learn how to continue making an impact for the kingdom of God in whatever socio-political climate I find myself. No matter who is elected, this is still the greatest and freest country on the planet, and I will still have maximum opportunity to share the Gospel and live my life by my faith and conscience within America’s borders.

So I suppose what I’d like to do is set you free today.  If you’re anxious about this election, please take that anxiety to Jesus.  If you’re a business owner and you’ve got some real stakes in seeing one candidate or the other get elected, remember that everything you have belongs to God anyways.  He will provide, not the government.  If you’re concerned about social issues and religious freedoms, the Church has lived through far worse socio-political climates than any potentials we’re facing – and I’d tag on to that that she was stronger for having lived through them.

Let go of your election anxieties today. Watch the electoral map tonight with a peaceful heart that has placed its trust completely in Jesus. You’ll live longer, you’ll be a more pleasant person, and you’ll honor the Lord because you’ll have cast your worries upon Him. Remember, He knows the end from the beginning, so He’s worthy of our trust.

Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God. Psalm 20:7