Here’s my two cents on getting healthy. I know that there are some freaks of nature out there who can do it by pure determination and exercise of their immense will power. I humbly acknowledge your superiority. I’m not poking fun. I’m seriously giving credit where it is due. You have bested me, and many others in the game of pure grit and determination when it comes to being in shape.

Therefore, you can no longer be my role model.

Don’t misunderstand, my goal is to get to the same place you’ve arrived, or at least close. But I’m simply not going to get there the same way you have. I’ve looked up to you as an example of pushing through the pain with a no pain, no gain philosophy. I get it. And I agree that no pain, no gain is the only way. But I’m never going to get there alone like you have. But neither am I going to get there, even with a multitude of friends coming with me.

The problem isn’t a lack of support from friends. I have great friends who cheer me on, even as I have wrestled to keep forward momentum, and I love you guys dearly. And while I’ve alluded to my inferior will power, I don’t even think that’s the problem. I have desire, I have ambition, but I have lacked one thing that I believe will make all the difference.

My love.

I have liked the idea of losing weight. I have liked imagining myself being in great shape. I have liked the idea of being an inspiration to people. But I realized today after a time of speaking with Jesus what has been missing. There’s no love involved.

Then my mind began drifting to things I love and how those are the things that I have pursued with ferocious determination. As I allowed my mind to flow freely on this, one person kind of floated to the top.


I love her. She’s getting in shape. She’s on her own journey for getting healthy. And I think here lays the key for me. I’m joining her. Tonight we walked/ran together, and I loved it. And as I’ve thought backwards, the times where I made the most progress were the times where she and I were in step together in our efforts. Strangely enough, we have spent most of our marriage being on different pages about getting in shape. When I’ve wanted to go die-hard, she hasn’t, and vice versa.

Now we’re aligned, and I’m loving it!

Now here’s what I’ve been trying to get to this whole article. Will power is great, but for me, and I suspect for many, it simply isn’t enough. You’ve got to find a way to love getting in shape. I don’t love exercise. I don’t love healthy food. But I love my wife. I love making her happy. She wants me to succeed. If my success means her happiness, then I’m game. Exercising with her makes it something I look forward to doing. She loves doing it with me, and that makes me love doing it period. Turning exercise and healthier food into a way to love my wife will be the key to success for me. For me, that is what will engage my heart and bring success.

But that’s just my two cents.