I like to think that I do everything professionally, especially when it comes to photography.  I take a lot of time with my photos to make sure that my clients get the best portraits I can give them.  Yet, every year when it comes time to photograph my daughters’ pictures – usually anytime from late July to mid September – our family experiences a melt-down on location.  My girls get uncooperative with Radene.  Radene, in turn, begins to lose her cool.  As Radene looses her cool, the girls start getting upset.  Since the girls are upset, they start to cry.  Their eyes get puffy and they find it difficult to smile.  Now I’m getting upset with Radene for making them cry when she lost her cool, and I’m getting upset with the girls for making their mother upset.  The next thing you know, we’re being short with each other, we have lost all patience and get triggered at the smallest infractions.  Usually by this time we all just want to go home.  Apologies are made on the way home, and things get back to DEFCON 5.  So much for professionalism.

All anecdotal explanations aside about why we melt down every year, it is ironic that on the day we want to capture some of our girls youthful happiness, we seem to hit a sour note in our familial relations.  However, despite our disagreements, every year I have been able to capture my beautiful daughters at their best.  Radene does an awesome job of getting them ready, helping me pose them, and keeping their hair from going crazy in the wind.  Here’s our best shots from this year…. Enjoy!