I don’t normally talk about technology on this blog, so please forgive this one instance. I’ve had my Mac for a little over three weeks now. I’ve been very intentional about trying to do as much of my work on the Mac as I possibly can so I could really see if it is possible for a guy entrenched in PC’s for so long could make it with a Mac. I am happy to report that most things I do on a PC, I can do on my Mac. This includes the basics of Internet, email, Microsoft Office programs (Mac version) and then also Photoshop for editing and manipulating photos and graphics, web design, even some command line operations (terminal).

The Mac OS X runs incredibly fast. I can start the notebook, log in to the Internet, and shut down completely all in under 1 minute. I have never had any Windows based PC even come close to that – and I am careful with my Windows PC’s to make sure they are always running efficiently. Let me be clear, though. I am very pleased with how fast Windows 7 runs. It is Microsoft’s best OS release ever, in my opinion. Compared with other versions of Windows, I believe this one is the fastest, and that’s based on my own tests and comparisons with the computers I work with every day. But when compared to Mac’s OS X, Windows 7 doesn’t even come close.

Now for the big question. Am I ready to switch completely to Macs for all of my computers? I currently have two other computers, both PC’s, both running Windows 7 – my desktop, and my wife’s tablet. They both serve their purpose and do so very well, therefore I am not compelled to rush out and replace them immediately. However, neither of them are brand new, especially the tablet, which is probably going on 4-5 years old.

I have firmly decided that my wife’s tablet will be replaced either with a low-end Mac or an iPad. The iPad may be out of the running, though, if they do not eventually incorporate Flash support. Radene only uses her tablet for Internet and email, but she frequently views YouTube or Netflix videos, which require Flash.

As for my desktop, I am half-way convinced that I will get a Mac when I decide to upgrade. There are still critical things I do with my business that I currently cannot do on my Mac. The cost of repurchasing software that is Mac compatible is a bit prohibitive. However, there is a chance that I will completely forego having a desktop altogether. If my little Mac experiment has taught me anything it’s that I hate being tied down to one desk, to one room in my house for computer use. At this moment, I am sitting in my kitchen enjoying the smells of good food, and still feeling somewhat connected to everyone else in the house instead of being isolated in my office (and obviously I could experience this with a Windows notebook as well). Maybe I’m a late comer to the virtues of mobile computing, but now that I’ve discovered how much I like it, I’m not sure I want to go back to being chained to my desk.

Yes, I sell Windows PC’s during the week. Unlike a lot of Mac zealots out there, I don’t hate Windows PC’s. 90% of the world uses them, and I’ve been a happy user of them for a long time. And, I will continue to use Windows PC’s for a long time. As I said earlier, Windows 7 is an excellent operating system and I would gladly recommend it to anyone. But as for me and the computers I use in my personal time, Macs are going to be in my future.