It is all but official that Senator Barak Obama has captured the status of President-elect of the United States of America. He will be our country’s first black President, and will no doubt make a mark on our history. Politics aside. I feel good from one perspective. Our country has risen above it’s racist history. Electing a black man to the Presidency may not solve all the existing racial ills we still endure, but it does prove that we have overcome many of our obstacles.

What do we do now? Already, I’ve began teaching my oldest daughter, Phoebe, that even though I don’t agree with everything President Obama will do, she will never hear me speak ill of him. All Christians should take this opportunity to offer focused prayers of salvation for our President. He claims to be a Christian, but what President hasn’t? I’m not saying he’s lying, but how could those prayers possibly harm him?

Secondly, we need to immediately begin praying for his safety and that any and all plots to bring harm to him or his family will be revealed before they can be carried out. We know that already an assassination plot in Tennessee was uncovered. Being the first black President surely won’t come without a few nut jobs who want to kill you.

And finally pray that God will invest wisdom in him. Barak Obama is going to need wisdom that comes from on high; the heavenly wisdom which only God bestows. Pray that he will seek that wisdom. We are still a highly divided nation. Republicans, Democrats, conservatives, liberals, vague and weird third parties; we are far from being united on many issues. President Obama will need Godly wisdom to succeed.

I did not vote for Barak Obama. I do not agree with many of the things he wants to accomplish. But he will be the President. As those who voted for McCain, we should outshine those who voted for Al Gore in 2000 and for John Kerry in 2004. Let our humility mark us as Christians. Don’t do as they did and disown the man who God has empowered. You don’t have to agree with him. But for the sake of the name of Christ and His glory among the nations, do not abandon him. He will be my President. And I will pray for him.