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My Thoughts / Social Commentary By On January 23, 2017

Retiring Political Commentary

You may consider this my retirement from political commentary. No one has shamed me into this. No one has made me feel unequal to the task. I definitely have political opinions and I think they’re good ones, but I will no longer be blogging about them. Let me explain myself, and then I’ll bid you good night. I’ve never, ever, ever…

My Thoughts / Social Commentary By On January 18, 2017

Trump Day is Nigh

Inauguration day, January 20, will be here in a couple of days.  There’s a few thoughts I have going through my head that I want to share with you here as a matter of public record.  I’ve not been shy about my dislike of Donald Trump as President.  I’m not here to rehash everything that I’ve already said.  A Trump…

My Thoughts / Social Commentary By On January 16, 2017

Thoughts for MLK Day

Once again, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day has come around. Today, my mind has looked back on my experiences growing up. I’m white, and the truth is since I left Mississippi, I have lived in predominantly white communities. And when I say predominantly I mean 90% plus white majority.  I didn’t plan it that way, it’s just the direction the Lord has taken…

Bloggery / Devotional By On December 12, 2016

Judging Leaders

I’ve been in some form of church leadership consistently ever since the year 2000. Whether it was interim leadership,  part-time or full-time leadership, one thing I’ve found out is regardless of how we classify the position, all leadership is full time. Leadership, period, is a full-time engagement because you can’t point to any part of your life and say: I…

Bloggery / My Thoughts By On November 30, 2016

The Truth is Dead. Long Live The Truth!

Have you ever heard or read something where part of you is exasperated but the other part of you isn’t really surprised at all? I’m sure we’ve all had those moments. It’s kind of like when Uncle Eddie is emptying his RV sewage into the street gutter. It’s disgusting. It’s not right. And it’s totally expected behavior. I learned earlier this week…